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When Irish Eyes Are Voting
2 When Irish Eyes Are Voting By John Mauldin February 26, 2011 > When Irish Eyes Are Voting An Extra “15 Million” Homes Some Thoughts on the Middle East Tokyo, Oregon, and Dallas > When Irish eyes are smiling, Sure, ’tis like the morn in Spring. In the lilt of Irish laughter You can hear the angels sing. When Irish hearts are happy, All the world seems bright and gay. And when Irish eyes are s
Introducing the Geek Games at the Mashable SXSWi House
Join Mashable at the Mashable SXSWi House for the Geek Games on Sunday, March 13 and Monday, March 14.Mashable will invite 64 teams consisting of two to five players to participate in a single-elimination tournament of head-to-head matches in skeeball, foosball, trivia and more. There will be prizes for the winning team. More information on sign-ups for the Geek Games will be coming soon.Locate
Tumblr’s Roadmap Heads Straight for the Creative Community
2 Tumblr founder David Karp showed up yesterday to christen his company’s new office in Richmond, Virginia. At the opening celebration, the popular blogging platform’s founder spoke extensively about the startup’s plans for the future — plans that definitely set it apart from the product-focused startup scene on the West Coast and plans that will make the most of the company’s recent $30 million
Mashable Awards 2010: Announcing The Winners
4 With more than 1.3 million nominations and votes, we’re pleased to announce the 2010 Mashable Awards winners.The Mashable Awards, our annual contest highlighting the very best of tech and the web, received a record number of votes this year. After entering the final round, we narrowed the list to the top five nominees in each category based on your votes. The winners received the most votes fro
Top 10 Twitter Trends This Week
Soccer hits number one yet again this week, and everyone’s favorite South Korean 13-member boy band Super Junior returns to the Twitter stage at number two. More sports news rounds out the top trends, with a big UFC Welterweight fight taking the bronze, a death among the annals of baseball snagging number four, and our viral captivation with Minnesota’s Metrodome collapse sending that trend into t
5 Captivating Personalities From Across the Social Web
2 As part of the ongoing Mashable Awards, we’re taking a closer look at each of the nomination categories. This is “Must-Follow Personality.” Be sure to nominate your favorites and join us for the Gala in Las Vegas! Sponsorships are available. Please contact for more information.In a world where social media and pop culture collide, 2009 might’ve been most remembered for a
FCC: white space devices won't require spectrum sensing modules
Phew. For a moment few years there, we thought any device set up to operate on these so-called white spaces -- which have been vacated following the analog-to-digital TV transition -- would be forced to use spectrum sensing modules in order to ensure that no TV station was operating in areas in which it wanted to. Based on the FCC's Second Memorandum Opinion and Order, which was just published a f
How Universities Can Win Big with Location-Based Apps
14 Dan Klamm is the Outreach & Marketing Coordinator at Syracuse University Career Services. This post was co-authored by Kelly Lux who is the Social Media Manager at Syracuse University’s iSchool. Connect with them on Twitter @DanKlamm and @KellyLux.Location-based apps aren’t just for badges and discounts. Geolocation can have a real effect on education at the University level by building relati
8 Tips for a Killer Mobile Search Campaign
David Berkowitz is Senior Director of Emerging Media & Innovation for digital marketing agency 360i, where he develops social media and mobile programs for marketers spanning the media & entertainment, retail, travel, and CPG industries.More than 90% of the U.S. population are mobile subscribers, and with more than 285 million U.S. mobile users, the mobile industry has reached a critical t
Wall Street Journal Throws A Softball To MySpace
12 I’m sort of scratching my head at the Wall Street Journal’s article (mostly behind a paywall) that MySpace is in negotiations over some kind of new search advertising deal. “News Corp. is in discussions with Google Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. about replacing MySpace’s crucial search-advertising partnership with Google, which expires next month, according to people familiar with the matte
35 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed
12 Chances are you’ve been waiting in line all week for the iPhone 4, which means you haven’t been keeping up on your social media resources. Tsk-tsk.Put said device to good use, and scroll on down for your weekly cavalcade of hints, tips, insights and analysis.This week’s list includes some great Google facts, web design inspiration, and a few ways to improve your social business model.Go on, gorge
Recapping The SEC's HFT Panel
Yesterday's SEC panel discussion on HFT was largely uncovered by the media, as it was for the most part a one-sided, lobbying effort of the HFT industry to make it seem that all is good with the market and to make it explicit that "once in a lifetime" events like the May 6th 1,000 point crash don't really occur and what was experienced (and will be again quite soon) was a statistical impossibility
Epix Event Theatre: Watch the Black Eyed Peas with Your Friends
2 If you couldn’t make it out to see The Black Eyed Peas on their sold out “The E.N.D. World Tour 2010,” there’s another chance to see the band in concert coming up online. Epix, the “Hulu of Movies,” will be airing a Peas live performance culled from two nights’ worth of shows at Los Angeles’s Staples Center this coming Saturday night at 10 p.m. EST.Epix, a premium content joint venture between Pa
MySpace Upgrades Your Social Calendar
If you’re one of those people who scribbles your plans for a given week on the back of the junk mail in your purse (totally not me…), then you could probably benefit from MySpace’s new platform. Today, MySpace continues on its quest to distinguish itself as a place for entertainment and socializing with the addition of what is essentially a calendar that combines your events, your friends’ event
5 Ways to Go Green for Earth Day with Social Media
10 Geoff Livingston co-founded Zoetica to focus on cause-related work, and released an award-winning book on new media Now is Gone in 2007.Last week’s World Water Day and Earth Hour began a big green spring online that will culminate in April 22nd’s 40th annual celebration of Earth Day. Coinciding with Earth Day, both environmental non-profits and green corporate social responsibility programs are r
Cablevision bumps Comcast to the back, 3D sports at home starts next week
Just as Comcast leapfrogged DirecTV's 3D plans, its claim to the first live HD 3D event has been stolen away by Cablevision, which will broadcast a Rangers/Islanders NHL matchup Wednesday, shown both in a special viewing party in the Theater at Madison Square Garden and on iO TV channel 1300 (if you already have a 3DTV but not Cablevision then keep an eye on your channel guide as, like the Master
What’s Up With Virtual Worlds?
14 From 2005 up through 2008, virtual worlds seemed like the hottest ticket in tech, but we’ve heard less about them in recent months. We imagined the people of Earth leading double lives in alternate realities. It was the stuff of science fiction, like flying cars and robot butlers, and unlike those things, it actually looked like it could become reality.Except it hasn’t. What happened? Are people s
Guest Post : Stretch To Farthest Point Known - Thoughts on a Hyperinflation Event
2 Stretch To Farthest Point Known:  Thoughts on a Hyperinflation EventBy JMJanuary 15, 2010Thinking about ExtremesLet’s assume for a moment that Goldman Sachs is wrong.  After all, at most points in time and space, predictions tend to fail—except the lucky ones.  So it’s good to think through scenarios that one would consider extremely remote.  Active risk management means low probability / high cat
Line 6 announces Relay G30 system for guitar players who want to rock you sans tether
2 We've been to concerts where the lead guitar player seemed more concerned about tripping over the wire running to his amp than actually putting on a good show, and that's not cool. Line 6, creator of a series of rockin' music gadgets in the past, is back to sever that tether without trampling your tune, man. It promises great sound over 100-feet, even able to replicate the frequency loss from dif
6 Foursquare Apps We’d Love to See
24 Foursquare is one of the crucial new social networks to keep tabs on, and for entrepreneur types, the recent release of its open API is big news. It may be time for developers to start shifting away from Twitter and start tinkering with something a bit more Square.Here are 6 Foursquare apps we’d like to see developed. What other location-based apps would you like to see take advantage of the Fou
Blue's new Mikey iPod / iPhone microphone still rocks the retro
Blue Microphones' original Mikey made the quite the impression when it landed back in late 2008, and while a good bit of time has passed, the new and improved version doesn't stray from its roots. Debuting here at CES, the second-generation Mikey Portable Recorder for iPod and iPhone touts "improved circuitry for superior recording and enhanced new features," which happens to include a pair of cu
Vizio XVT Pro 3D HDTVs Are Stacked for Cheaper: Local Dimming, 480Hz and Wireless HDMI
6 Vizio's flagship XVT Pro 3D HDTVs way undercut the top-o-the-line LED TVs from the other guys: 480Hz, wireless HDMI, Wi-Fi, local-dimming LED backlight and 3D. The 72 inch set goes for $3500, cheaper than the 46-inchers from Sony or Samsung. The 55-incher set is $2500, and and the 47-inch TV is $2000. The main diff between them is that the 72-inch has more zones for local dimming—480 to 120 and 18
3 Powerful Social Good Trends in 2010
58 video Ben Rattray is the founder and CEO of, an online media network for social change. 2009 saw a proliferation of online charity events, competitions, and “friendraisers” that spilled across Twitter and Facebook and filled email inboxes everywhere with more requests for money than any Nigerian prince could ever hope to make. And while it’s hard to argue that this is a bad thing — anytime s
Warner Music Videos Coming to Hulu
2 We suspected that Hulu’s very limited deal with EMI for Norah Jones music videos would be just the start for the premium content site in the music space. Need proof? Look no further than today’s news: Hulu has inked a deal with Warner Music Group (WMG) for music videos, artist interviews, concert footage and behind-the-scenes moments. Starting today, Hulu visitors can see music videos and live per
FanSnap Launches SeatAlerts, Still Snapping Up Fans
8 Mike Janes, chief executive and co-founder of Palo Alto, Calif.-based FanSnap, a search engine for live event tickets, is no fan of the New York Yankees (he loves the Red Sox), but he was happy to see them in this fall’s World Series. Why? Since they were playing the Phillies, a rivalry as old as professional baseball itself, it boosted the number of people looking to buy tickets to the games, thu
20 Fantastic Free iPhone Apps for Parents
32 Jeana Lee Tahnk is a writer and high tech PR consultant who focuses on a variety of topics including, social media, family & parenting and health & well-being. She is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, MommyTrack’d and You can follow her on Twitter. It’s hard to believe that a little device that’s the size of your hand can actually help parents become more organiz
Twones: Your Digital Music Lifestream in One Place
8 Like many of you, I’m a music fanatic. Because I spend most of my day in front of a computer screen, I always have some sort of music playing in the background, either in iTunes, or increasingly in one of the many, many music streaming services. Because my listening points are dispersed all over the web, keeping track of what I listen to isn’t always easy. Today, a new music service, Twones, is la