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Untapped Opportunity: Exploring the Arab Video Game Market
Mahmoud Khasawneh is the founder and CEO of Quirkat, a games development company based in the UAE with studios in Jordan. He is also the IGDA Middle East Chapter Leader.As the games industry in the Middle East has grown and evolved over the past decade, video game development and game localization aimed at the Middle Eastern market remains a tremendous opportunity. At first glance, the complexi
10 Austin Startups to Meet at SXSW 2011
For those planning to hit South by Southwest this year, I figured I’d share a few local area startups you should make it a point to meet while you’re down in lovely Austin, Texas. I polled some locals, as well as consulted my notes about cool startups, to pull together this list. Feel free to debate the merits of it in the comments or add your own suggestions. For those who didn’t get a chance to
Google Fixes Problem With Missing 150,000 Gmail Accounts
2 The problem with those 150,000 missing Gmail accounts “should be resolved,” according to Google.Last Sunday morning, about 0.08% of all Gmail users were in for a rude awakening. Their e-mail accounts seem to have vanished overnight.The next day, Google dutifully apologized, promising a quick fix for the problem, saying it might need to restore the missing accounts by retrieving them from off-li
DEMO Wrap Up: 7 New Social Startups to Watch
8 The DEMO Spring 2011 conference wrapped up yesterday in Palm Springs, and echoing the current climate in the Valley, day two of the conference belonged to startups focused on social technologies. From social CRM platforms, photo sharing, and social networks to aggregation and reader engagement tools to video and group chat, the day’s startups showed that the interest in the “social” Web only cont
Twitter for iPhone and iPad Get New Features
6 Twitter updated its official iPhone and iPad apps Thursday, offering improved and enhanced photo options, auto-link shortening and the ability to easily follow friends via the contacts in your address book.Twitter for iPhone also gained a new feature called the Quick Bar. The Quick Bar is a way to quickly browse through trending topics at the top of the timeline.New Photo OptionsOur favorite ne
Inside One Man’s Kickstarter Quest to Build True Artificial Life
2 Virtual worlds have long been populated by creatures that interact, reproduce, compete, evolve and die. But by and large, they do so because their behavior is programmed by developers. These efforts can produce complex virtual ecosystems, but they’re not quite the digital reflections of what happens in nature.Life in the real world is “programmed” by DNA, but its form and behavior are determine
Get a New Job in Social Media, Design or Development
2 If you’re seeking a job in social media, we’d like to help out. For starters, Mashable‘s Job Lists section gathers together all of our resource lists, how-tos and expert guides to help you get hired. In particular, you might want to see our articles on How to Leverage Social Media for Career Success and How to Find a Job on Twitter.But we’d like to help in a more direct way, too. Mashable‘s jo
MacWorld Top Apps
Best App Ever Angry Birds, published by Most Innovative App - iPhone Division Winner :: Word Lens by Quest Visual - iPad Division Winner :: Flipboard by Flipboard Inc. Best Visual Design - iPhone Division Winner :: Camera+ by tap tap tap - iPad Division Winner :: Flipboard by Flipboard Inc. Best Use of iOS Hardware - iPhone Division Winner :: Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner by Big in Jap
The @Font-Face Rule and Useful Web Font Tricks
100+   The possibility of embedding any font you like into websites via @font-face is an additional stylistic device which promises to abolish the monotony of the usual system fonts. It surely would be all too easy if there was only one Web font format out there. Instead, there’s quite a variety, as you will get to know in this article.This quick introduction to @font-face will lead you towards a gui
What’s New in iOS 4.3
4 While much of the focus at Apple’s iPad 2 event might have centered around the sexy new hardware, Apple showcased some of the new features in the upcoming iOS 4.3 as well.Developers have had the opportunity to work with beta versions of iOS 4.3 for several months. The new OS release isn’t going to introduce as many features as the iOS 4.0 update or the unifying iOS 4.2 release, but the improvem
Want Next-Gen Support for Your Node Apps? Joyent Launches
2 video Joyent, which literally sponsors Node.js by, among other things, employing Node creator Ryan Dahl, has just launched, a new hub for the company’s Node.js-specific hosting services.Joyent’s hosting service uses Git revision control and is backed by Joyent SmartMachines.Joyent is placing particular emphasis on these Node SmartMachines, which the company says “are what virtual machines
Macheen’s Dreams of a Broadband Cloud
12 Macheen, a company trying to provide retailers and device makers with mobile broadband service, launched Wednesday and could possibly fill a much-needed niche as more and more people buy connected devices but don’t want to sign up for more data plans. The Austin, Texas startup aggregates connectivity from mobile operators and sells a data service to device companies and retailers who install Mache
Apple’s iPad 2 Launch: What You Need To Know
6 Greetings from rainy San Francisco, where Apple’s long-anticipated launch of the iPad 2 is about to get underway at the Yerba Buena Center For the Arts Theater. We’ll be bringing you the important details as they come in — no need to scroll down pages of breathless liveblogging. If you’re just interested in the hardware, go here. And check out our gallery of the event at the bottom to see all the
Google spikes 21 malicious apps with big download counts from the Market
We're sure that the debate of a carefully controlled and curated environment like Apple's App Store versus a free-for-all like the Android Market will rage on for years to come, but here's something to chew on: Google just removed some 21 apps from the Market in the last day from a publisher going by Myournet for doing all sorts of naughty things to your device. Offenses include attempting to root
Facebook VP Explains New Comments System
2 Facebook launched a slew of updates to its public commenting platform Tuesday, but the company didn’t do too much commenting about it in public. The exception: Dan Rose, Facebook’s VP of Partnerships and Platform Marketing, who spoke at the Webtrends Engage conference in San Francisco.In the video below, exclusive to Mashable, Rose explains exactly what will change with the Comments plugin. Fir
Google Acquires Reverse Engineering Company Zynamics
6 Google has just acquired a small German software company called Zynamics. The company, which was founded in 2004, focuses on reverse engineering — that is, analyzing software (malware in particular) for which no source code is available.It’s an incredibly interesting and complicated problem to try to solve, which makes the Zynamics team and product a perfect fit for Google, a company that’s kno
Loopt Brings Real-Time Rewards Alerts to SXSW
The location-based service Loopt is introducing a new feature that will alert users of nearby deals or rewards, and it’s launching at SXSW Interactive.The feature, called Rewards Alerts, combines elements of the Loopt Rewards system with the app’s proximity alerts. The concept behind Reward Alerts is to keep users abreast of flash deals taking place in their general vicinity.Users who are logge
Boxee Gets Additional Funding in Its Bid for Living Room Domination
2 Connected TV startup Boxee announced Tuesday that it has a closed a $16.5 million round of funding. The round was led by Pitango and Softbank, and included previous investors General Catalyst, Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures.Boxee raised $6 million in August 2009. Since then, the company has nearly tripled in size, released the 1.0 version of Boxee and shipped the Boxee Box. As a longti
Google Apologizes for Gmail Reset Issue & Promises Quick Fix
10 Google is promising Gmail users whose accounts reset this weekend that they will have their lost data restored.In an official blog post, Google claims the problem affected less than 0.02% of Gmail’s user base, but it was a particularly nasty one as it affected more than one copy of the data.Google’s Ben Treynor explains how the company can restore the data: “To protect your information from the
Drund Gives Devs & Users All-in-One Tool for Connected Devices
2 Dev shop Azork launched Monday Drund, a broad, agnostic development and management platform for apps across all connected devices and browsers.The platform also has an aspect for users, allowing them to “manage their online life from any Internet connected device,” according to a release.Cross-platform development, especially in the mobile sector, is something of a rare and difficult promise to
Guest Post: Corporate Profits Soaring Thanks To Record Unemployment
2 Submitted by Mark Provost of The Economic PopulistCorporate Profits Soaring Thanks to Record UnemploymentIn a January 2009 ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos, then President-elect Barack Obama said fixing the economy required shared sacrifice, "Everybody’s going to have to give. Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game." (1) For the past two years, American worker
9 Apps To Make You Super Productive on Windows, Mac & Linux
14 The Cross-Platform Apps Series is supported by VMware Fusion, the best way to run Windows on your Mac. Click Here to learn more about VMware Fusion. To keep up with VMware Fusion updates, follow the “TeamFusion” blog or on Twitter or Facebook.You may think you’ve reached the peak possible productivity on Windows, Mac and Linux, but if you haven’t tried this collection of timesavers, it’s time t
Startup Lets Users Anonymously Share Credit Card Debt With Potential Lenders
The Spark of Genius Series highlights a unique feature of startups and is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here.Name: ReadyForZeroQuick Pitch: ReadyForZero is a free online financial tool that lets you track credit card debt, explore options, and make and follow a plan to eliminate it.Genius Idea: Public
Sprint's Total Equipment Protection app searches out lost Androids and BlackBerrys
Joining AT&T and Verizon in offering some software-based data security for owners of its handsets, Sprint is today introducing its Total Equipment Protection app. Funnily enough, it uses the same Asurion software as the aforementioned other carriers, which would be why its functionality mirrors them so closely. With the TEP app, you'll be able to track your phone via a web interface, force it
Humans Are The Routers
62 Editor’s note: Guest author Shervin Pishevar is the founder of the OpenMesh Project, SGN and an active angel investor. On January 7, 2010 I was ushered into a small private dinner with Secretary Hillary Clinton at the State Department along with the inventor of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google and a few others. We were there to talk about technology and 21st Century Diplomacy.
How Cloud Computing & Web Services Are Changing the IT Job Market
12 As cloud and web services continue to gain speed, the upfront cost of launching a product is decreasing. Businesses can create more for less money –- and with less people.Though in the long run this likely means fewer IT positions, it’s currently changing a different aspect of the tech job market: desired skill sets.Unlike traditional software products, cloud and web services revolve around con