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LIVE: Never Say Never Director Jon Chu Talks 3D Movies & Bieber-mania
2 Never Say Never, AKA the Justin Bieber movie, hits theaters on February 11. Today, February 10, starting at 4:00 p.m. ET, Mashable will be chatting with the film’s director, Jon Chu (@jonmchu) about what it’s like to make a 3D concert film, Bieber-mania and how social media has influenced the marketing efforts for the project.Concert films have been a cinematic staple since the early 1960s. Fro
MTV Launches Music Discovery Tool for Up-and-Coming Bands
4 MTV launched into the music discovery space today with the unveiling of its MTV Music Meter, which provides music lovers with news and info about up-and-coming acts.Yes, you heard that correctly — up-and-coming musicians, not Justin Bieber nor Lady Gaga (those artists have actually been excluded from the site).For this project, MTV worked with music intelligence company EchoNest to develop an algo
Top 10 Twitter Trends This Week
It was a bittersweet week in the Twitterverse. Some of us cheered for our entertainment and sports heroes while others lamented the loss of some notable public figures.Soccer (football) took the top trend for yet another week thanks in part to a controversial appointment to the Newcastle United Football Club. Chileans tweeted feverishly about their biggest telethon, landing the media event in the
Seriously, There’s a Justin Bieber Movie
2 video Justin Bieber, tween idol and YouTube sensation, is getting his own movie. Save your laughter, it gets better: It’s in 3D. I pride myself in being pretty up on my film news (I am film_girl after all), but this one managed to slide past my radar. The best part? The title: Never Say Never. Wow. Just. Wow.The trailer for the video has just been posted and frankly, I’m a little speechless. I’m torn be
World’s Most Sincere, Awesome TechCrunch Fan
6 We received this video mail from TechCrunch reader Aditya Kapur shortly after TechCrunch Disrupt, with the subject line “Thank you for Hammer Time.” In it Kapur describes how awesome our Google Ventures/SV Angel party was and apologizes to Ron Conway for “screaming like a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert” within earshot of the powerful VC. Highlight: “I could not believe that I was this clo
Toshiba and Best Buy team up on the Satellite L635 Kids' PC, one-ups the kiddy netbooks
If you're under the age of ten there probably isn't much that can top seeing the Jonas Brothers in concert, chasing after Justin Bieber or a new episode of iCarly, but Toshiba and Best Buy are hoping its new jointly created Kids PC can elicit similar feelings of excitement from them youngins. The 13.3-inch Satellite L635 Kid's PC, as you may have figured out by now, isn't a netbook -- no siree, i
Top 10 Twitter Trends This Week
2 There was plenty to talk about on Twitter this past week. Sports, holidays and entertainment dominated, with a nod to tech from the Twitterverse as well.College football season kicked off this week in the U.S., stirring up a torrent of tweets from fans, and landing NCAA the number one spot on our trends chart.The deposed king of Twitter trends, Justin Bieber, made another strong showing this week
Top 10 Twitter Trends This Week
If you fired up the ol’ Twitter machine on Sunday night, you probably won’t be surprised to see Jimmy Fallon’s Emmy Awards nab the number one spot on this week’s chart. Not only are award shows a boon for tweet riffers to begin with, but this year’s Emmys saw a nice marriage of TV and social media, courtesy of the web savvy Late Night host.The awards bumped the long-trending topic of football down
Lady Gaga Topples Britney As Queen Of Twitter
4 Oh, glorious day. Britney Spears is no longer the Queen of Twitter. She has been toppled from her thrown. A cultural milestone? Perhaps. But wait. The new Queen of Twitter is Lady Gaga. Is that any better? At least she is more entertaining, or at least more self-aware. Sometime last night, her highness Lady Gaga passed Britney in Twitter followers. She currently has 5,777,492 to Britney’s
Top 10 Twitter Trends This Week
2 Entertainment — of the U.S. and international varieties — takes home the Twitter gold this week, in what was a fairly stable list of trends.The new comic book-inspired film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, starring Michael Cera, jumped from #4 last week, to #1 this week, despite modest returns at the box office. Long-time Twitter trend Inception sank to #4, and the new Sylvester Stallone action flick
New Facebook Scam Targets Justin Bieber Fans
A new scam offering free Justin Bieber concert tickets is spreading virally through the status updates of Facebook users.The status message, which reads: “WOW! Justin Bieber Is Giving Away Free Concert Tickets Now!” is followed by a bit.ly link to a rogue Facebook application that, if installed, posts the same message on a user’s Facebook status, security software firm Sophos has learned.It also c
Live Concerts Come to YouTube and Vevo This Summer
4 video VEVO and YouTube have taken another step to establish themselves in the online music space by announcing a partnership with American Express to launch a series of live-streamed concerts, “Unstaged: An Original Series from American Express.”The five-concert series kicks off on August 5 with a performance by Arcade Fire at Madison Square Garden in New York. The concert coincides with the release of
Top 10 Twitter Trends This Week
2 It may be the end of an era for Twitter trends, as Justin Bieber is nowhere to be found on this week’s list. Instead, American Idol champions the chart as the show wrapped its ninth season and crowned some guy the winner of something.Below that, international trends including Korean boy band Super Junior continue to dominate, while concerns over the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico mount.Once
Top 10 Twitter Trends This Week
2 This week’s list of trends illustrates the enormous international breadth of Twitter and its users. The Korean music group Super Junior, a popular trending topic for many weeks, has finally toppled Justin Bieber and claimed the number one spot. Whether this is due to sheer number of tweets, or a change in Twitter’s trend-identifying algorithm, remains to be seen.Take a look at the interesting s
Foursquare Snags A Deal With The Today Show
4 Foursquare is striking deals left and right with mainstream media companies. The mobile social network just signed partnerships with The Wall Street Journal, VH1 and The History Channel. And today, Foursquare is linking up with Matt, Al, Anne and Meredith for a deal with NBC’s The Today Show. The deal centers around the show’s yearly Concert Series that brings big-name artists like Lady Gaga and J
Top 10 Twitter Trends This Week
What do Twitter users care about? Based on this week’s most-tweeted trends – pop stars, the environment, Easter, sports and Lady Gaga.Our weekly roundup of the most talked-about Twitter topics delivers few surprises over the past 7 days … teen idol Justin Bieber leads the chart once again, while March Madness makes an appearance. Ricky Martin is new to the list, having made an announcement abou
How to Get an iPad if You Didn’t Pre-order One
At this point you’re either weary of iPad mania or you’re squealing like a girl at a Justin Bieber concert over the Apple tablet’s impending launch.If you were on the fence enough to avoid pre-ordering but have changed your tune in the meantime, what’s the best strategy to go about obtaining one? We hope to help in this process.The Apple Store lines for new product launches can be legendary, so b