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The Oscars & Social Media by the Numbers
2 The yearly Oscar telecast is no longer strictly a broadcast-only affair. The main show might still be relegated to television sets, but much of the real action took place online. Co-host James Franco wasn’t the only person tweeting during the ceremony — hundreds of thousands of others joined in, sharing their thoughts on who looked great (Christian Bale’s beard), who made waves (Melissa Leo in
And The Award For The Most Dead Entertainment Medium Goes To… The Web
4 You Californians sure seem obsessed with this “Oscar” thing. As I write these words, every one of my friends with a 9x zip code is dressed to the nines, snarking their way through one of the forty three billion Academy Awards parties taking place across the state. I am not amongst them: partly because I am unforgivably late with this column, partly because I haven’t seen any of the movies nominate
The Oscars and the Death of the Water Cooler
4 If advertisers have their way, a lot of the Oscar buzz this year will have nothing to do with the best picture nominees.As with the Super Bowl, advertisers during the second-biggest advertising night of the year (the Academy Awards are known in the industry as the “Super Bowl for Women,”) are trying to inject themselves into social media conversations happening during the event.But while the Su
The Future of Your Wireless Home Network
8 David Henry is a senior director of product marketing for NETGEAR where he works on high performance, dependable and easy home networking, storage and digital media products to connect people with the Internet and their content and devices. You can follow NETGEAR on Twitter @NETGEAR.The future of home networking will see multiple devices connected to the Internet and to each other. At the 2011
How Social Media Helped Toy Story 3 Win at the Box Office
6 The Behind the Social Media Campaign Series is supported by Oneupweb, an award-winning agency specializing in search marketing, social media and design for mid-to-enterprise level brands. Download Oneupweb’s free whitepaper, “The Bloody Truth about Social Media.”Toy Story 3 was one of the biggest films of 2010. As Pixar’s 11th full-length film, the third and final chapter in the world of Buzz L
The daily roundup: here's what you might've missed
A visual recap of the day's articles Feb 16th 2011 | 57 Articles 5:42 pm 15 Comments Siemens creating portable sensor to warn about asthma attacks, breathe deeply until it ships 2:55 pm 57 Comments De
Warner packages movies as iOS apps, starting with The Dark Knight and Inception
Online rentals and purchases of movies are still just a tiny fraction of the home video pie, but Warner's latest effort to expand that is similar to Paramount's recent efforts on Windows Phone 7 (Thanks SteveyAyo), offering its highest profile flicks as apps for iPhones and iPads. The Dark Knight and Inception are the first two releases out of the gate, offering free apps with some bonus content
Inside the DNA of the Facebook Mafia
24 A lot of things about Facebook have been impressive, even by the Silicon Valley standards. Almost no other Valley company has reached so many people around the world so quickly. Few Valley companies have been considered important forces in causes as disparate as planning a party or a political uprising. Rarely has a kid in his early 20s held onto the CEO reins this long. And of course, no other Va
Mashable Weekend Recap: 22 Stories You May Have Missed
2 Super Bowl ads delighted us this weekend, with those brilliant mini-movies extending their reach via social media. But that wasn’t all.An exotic car and a smooth smartphone were vying for coolness honors, we found lots of places to find free music, and the Old Spice Guy showed up again, in a brand new and hilarious ad. We even did a live blog of the Super Bowl commercials during the entire game
Why the Music Industry Must Change Its Strategy to Reach Digital Natives
4 Mark Mulligan is vice president and research director at Forrester Research, serving consumer product strategy professionals. He is a leading expert on music and digital media.The music industry’s fortunes (or lack thereof) are familiar to most. The CD is suffering one of the longest death rattles in consumer product history, and it is becoming painfully clear that digital downloads are no knig
10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Special Geek in Your Life
10 It’s coming up to that time of year again, when you’re expected to show your significant other just how much you care with flowers, chocolates, and perhaps even a table for two.We say leave the chocolates on the shelf and give your partner in geekery a gift they’ll really love — one that shows you know how to push all the right buttons.Have a look through our gallery of geekiness for some great
The Flim-Flam Men - With Artwork by Banzai7 Labs
4 The Flim-Flam MenByCognitive Dissonance  Artwork by WilliamBanzai7 I suspect if average Joe or Jane were asked to identify modern examples of ‘Flim-Flam Men’ most would point to Bernie Madoff and Allen Stanford. Or even to a long list of Too Big To Fail bank CEO’s past and present plus various corporate, government and Fed officials who have graced our lives over the last ten or more years. And yo
The Truth About Cutting the Cable TV Cord
4 Ad agency Hill Holliday recently conducted an experiment, asking five families to give up cable TV in favor of connected TV devices for a week. The growing availability of online content and video subscription services, coupled with an exploding market for connected devices, has pushed the idea of cord cutting — or dropping a traditional cable TV subscription package in favor of online video s
BMW Bypasses TV To Promote New Electric Car
2 Usually, when automakers introduce new models, they opt for a 30-second TV spot. But to promote its ActiveE electric car, BMW is employing online documentaries that run between 4 and 10 minutes instead. The idea, says Rich Steinberg, manager of electric vehicle operations and strategy for BMW North America, is to reach thought leaders who might be interested in the topic and will want to share
How the War on Piracy Will Change in 2011
2 Andrew Wallenstein is senior editor at paidContent, where he writes about the digital entertainment business out of Los Angeles. He is also a frequent contributor to NPR’s “All Things Considered.” If there was ever any doubt that the war on piracy was going to escalate this year, just look at how a new study out last week from research firm MonitorMark was received. Sponsored by the U.S. Chamb
Who Owns Your Data?
10 Alistair Croll is the co-chair of O’Reilly’s Strata conference, which tackles the convergence of Big Data, ubiquitous computing, and new interfaces. The next Strata event happens in Santa Clara, CA from February 1 to 3.Karl Marx said that the industrial revolution polarized the world into two groups: those who own the means of production and those who work on them. Today’s means of production a
Mashable Awards 2010: Announcing The Winners
4 With more than 1.3 million nominations and votes, we’re pleased to announce the 2010 Mashable Awards winners.The Mashable Awards, our annual contest highlighting the very best of tech and the web, received a record number of votes this year. After entering the final round, we narrowed the list to the top five nominees in each category based on your votes. The winners received the most votes fro
mSpot Brings Movie And Music Streaming Service To Google TVs
6 Mobile entertainment startup mSpot is launching its music and movie services on Google TVs today. mSpot’s free music cloud service allows you sync your entire music collection across a variety of devices; and the startup’s movie service streams full-length movie rentals between devices. Once you have an mSpot account, you can then login to from Google TV’s browser and can access all of
The Art of the Checkin: From Location to Content to Brand
8 Caroline Giegerich is the blogstress behind the Daily Marauder and a digital marketing consultant. Follow her on Twitter for more social media and emerging tech insights.Within the spectrum of social media, the act of sharing essentially amounts to a desire to personally define ourselves to others. In the age of the social network, there are an almost infinite number of options for creating tha
65% of Web Users Buy Digital Content: More Music, Fewer E-Books
4 Nearly two-thirds of Internet users are paying for some form of digital content as more information, services and media continue moving to the web. The numbers, resulting from a Pew Internet survey of Internet users, skew towards dollars spent on digital music, software and apps, with fewer consumers having spent money on newer content markets, such as e-books, and podcasts. On average, those surv
65% of Internet Users Paid for Digital Content
2 Approximately two-thirds of Internet users — 65% — have paid to access or download digital content, according to a recent survey conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project.The results indicate that music, software and apps were the most popular purchases among a group of 755 Internet users surveyed between October 28 and November 1. Digital music and software were tied at 33%, whil
Pew Shows 65% Of People Pay For Digital Content; Mostly Music, Software, And Mobile Apps
2 The Pew Internet organization put out results of a survey on how many people pay for digital content online. The study found that 65 percent of people online have paid to download some form of digital content or for a subscription to a digital media service. The survey excluded physical goods bought online and was focussed only on digital content such as music, software, news, and other online
5 E-Book Trends That Will Change the Future of Publishing
8 Philip Ruppel is president of McGraw-Hill Professional, a leading global publisher of print and electronic content and services for the business, scientific, technical, and medical communities.Without a doubt, the e-book is practically the biggest thing that’s hit the publishing industry since the invention of movable type. Publishers and e-book resellers are reporting astronomical growth.At Mc
On Cyber Monday, Amazon Sold 158 Items Per Second
16 Amazon this morning announced that on its peak day for this year, November 29, customers ordered more than 13.7 million items worldwide across all product categories, which translates to a – self-proclaimed – record-breaking 158 items per second. November 29 was, of course, Cyber Monday in the United States, the Monday immediately following Black Friday. According to comScore, overall online spen
290+ Social Media Resources From 2010
18 We’ve provided you with nearly 300 in-depth features, galleries and how-tos in the past year to help you navigate the social media world.Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of all of those posts, covering everything from how to enhance your Facebook profile, find videos and music, contribute to a charity and just about any other topic you can think of.We’ve broken the posts into categories in
4 Predictions for Connected Devices in 2011
2 Brian David Johnson is a futurist and the director of Future Casting at the Intel Corporation. He is also the author of Screen Future: The Future of Entertainment, Computing and the Devices We Love, out in paperback January 2011.As a futurist at Intel, it’s my job to come up with an actionable vision for computing in the year 2020. Now, that might sound like science fiction, but really it’s pr
Huge Growth Projected for Tablet PCs
8 The iPad craze will last long past this Christmas season, according to a new survey, which predicts that about 20% of Americans plan to own or purchase a tablet PC by 2014.The online survey — by Harris Interactive on behalf of Fuze Box, based on the responses of 2,288 adults in November — reports that 9 million people, or roughly 3% of the population, currently own tablet devices.The report doe