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Leaked Windows 8 Screenshots Show Improved Taskbar
10 Tantalizing clues about the upcoming Windows 8 are accumulating. The latest addition is the screenshot above, which was leaked Friday.You can thank whomever leaked this screenshot for ignoring Microsoft’s admonition, “Let’s not leak our hard work,” because for the first time, here’s the left side of the Windows 8 taskbar. The useful progress indicator of Windows 7 will reportedly show additiona
Updated Windows Phone 7 update isn't updating some Samsung phones for March update
2 Man, talk about a flustercuck. After missing a cycle with its mobile phone strategy, the last thing Microsoft needed was a support fiasco related to its very first Windows Phone 7 software update. But after re-releasing a patched software update meant to solve the update issues seen by some Samsung owners, we're now seeing reports of a new issue on Twitter and in a variety of support forums and b
Android Pulls Ahead, While HTC Enjoys the Ride
12 Android in the U.S. pushed ahead of smartphone platform rivals iOS and Blackberry in January, according to Nielsen Wire, and is finding more popularity among younger consumers. That has helped HTC become the third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the U.S. after Apple and Research In Motion, winning both the Android and Windows Phone 7 manufacturing race ahead of rivals Motorola and Samsung. The
Microsoft resumes WP7 update for 'bricked' Samsung handsets
After much brouhaha and rigmarole, Microsoft appears to be back on track with its inaugural Windows Phone 7 software update. An update that wasn't actually supposed to do anything but prepare that first wave of WP7 devices for their first real update but, ironically, left about 10 percent of WP7 owners with issues including some precision-built Samsung paperweights. Last night Microsoft issued an
Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 now available, may or may not make its way to tablets
Back in June at Computex, Microsoft announced the successor to Windows CE -- Windows Embedded Compact 7 - and it's finally hitting the general availability mark today. The guys in Redmond posted a 180-day trial of the final WEC7 bits yesterday, and while it is unclear when it was released to manufacturers, ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley notes that the digital signature on the bits is February 19th. So, wh
9 Apps To Make You Super Productive on Windows, Mac & Linux
14 The Cross-Platform Apps Series is supported by VMware Fusion, the best way to run Windows on your Mac. Click Here to learn more about VMware Fusion. To keep up with VMware Fusion updates, follow the “TeamFusion” blog or on Twitter or Facebook.You may think you’ve reached the peak possible productivity on Windows, Mac and Linux, but if you haven’t tried this collection of timesavers, it’s time t
AdvanceTC's 4.8-inch tabletphone runs Windows 7 on a 1.6GHz Atom CPU
2 It may not sound like the most practical combination, but we've got to hand it to AdvanceTC -- it's shoehorned telephony into a Windows 7 tablet, fulfilling our dark desire for a spiritual successor to the xpPhone. Yes, that's not Windows Phone 7 you're looking at above, but rather full desktop Windows running on a sizable quad-band GSM brick, whose insides hold a 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z530 CPU, 1GB
Humans Are The Routers
64 Editor’s note: Guest author Shervin Pishevar is the founder of the OpenMesh Project, SGN and an active angel investor. On January 7, 2010 I was ushered into a small private dinner with Secretary Hillary Clinton at the State Department along with the inventor of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google and a few others. We were there to talk about technology and 21st Century Diplomacy.
Firefox 4 beta 5 for mobile released, available on Android, N900, your computer
Tired of using the default browser on your smart phone to browse Engadget? Got a thing for Firefox? Great, 'cause Mozilla just pushed out the fifth beta of Firefox 4 for mobile. You might be familiar with the on-the-go version of Mozilla's creation, but if not, here's your chance to grab the latest (and probably) the most stable build to date. In addition to the Android and Maemo version, the com
Leaked Windows Phone 7 ads challenge your phone head-to-head
Microsoft's slowed the pace of Windows Phone 7 ads after saturating the airwaves at launch, but it looks like another campaign is about to begin -- WinRumors has a leak of a new set of "Real Time Challenge" interactive web ads that challenge you to complete tasks using your phone against a WP7 device. Challenges include taking a photo and posting it to Facebook, checking Xbox achievements, gettin
Microsoft pulls Windows Phone 7 update from Samsung phones until it can resolve issues
Such a big load of trouble for such a small update. Microsoft's first WP7 firmware refresh has been causing some unfortunate brick-like behavior in Samsung Omnia 7s and the company has wisely decided to pull the new software back until it can correct whatever's going wrong. An official communiqué to WinRumors says Microsoft has identified the issue at hand and is working to correct it and red
First Windows Phone 7 update not going smoothly for some Samsung handsets
So this is why they do phased rollouts, eh? If Twitter is the font of truth and reality that we suspect it to be, it sounds like users of some Windows Phone 7 models by Samsung are struggling with that minor first update that Microsoft started pushing this week. Basically, it sounds like the update isn't consistently completing; it some cases, users get an error message, and there doesn't appear t
Windows 7 SP1 (and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1) now available for public download
Microsoft told us to clear our pipes for a hefty download on the 22nd of February, and sure enough, the software giant is delivering. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 is now available for public consumption, with the company also confirming that 7601.17514.101119-1850 is the final RTM. We'd bother telling you more, but we know you've already dug into the source link in order to
Sprint tweet makes February 24th launch sound like Windows Phone 7 -- is the HTC 7 Pro ready?
Announced late last year, Sprint's version of the HTC 7 Pro has been stuck in a holding pattern (along with Verizon's Trophy) while waiting for Microsoft to wrap up its first big software update for Windows Phone 7, which includes copy and paste functionality along with -- you guessed it -- CDMA support. Steve Ballmer's keynote address at MWC last week nailed down said update for launch in the fi
Your First WP7 Update Isn't What You Think
10 If you're a Windows Phone 7 devotee, you may start seeing a software update notification in the coming days. But! Before you get your hopes up, know that WP7 still won't get its big copy and paste update for some time yet. Instead, Microsoft's tweaking the platform's infrastructure to get it ready for the big one, which will hopefully hit by mid-March. Baby steps! [Windows Team Blog
Microsoft pushing small update to Windows Phones to prepare for copy and paste update later on
Don't get too excited when you see this update notification pop up -- as far as we can tell, it's got nothing users will notice -- but we've just been told by Microsoft that the company is getting ready to send out the first software upgrade to Windows Phone 7 devices in the field early this week. It's being billed as a "minor update to help prepare" for the copy and paste stuff (which we're assum
Ixonos shows off windowed UI for Android
When your tablet needs a windowed UI, has it crossed some undrawn, implied boundary that makes it too complex for the kinds of casual tasks you'd want to accomplish on a tablet? Hard to say, but the mobile developers at Ixonos took to MWC last week to showcase a windowed build of Android on top of a tablet developed by Aava -- so at the very least, we know it's possible. The system is built atop
HANDS ON: The Quietest (Powerful) Computer In The World
16 Listen carefully to the sound your computer is making right now. Noisy? Most computers make noise, but we found one that’s tremendously powerful, yet it’s so quiet we couldn’t tell it was running.I can’t stand constant, droning noise. It’s distracting, stressful, and it might even make you sick. One day I got fed up with the constant fan noise from my PC. I was on a mission: to find a powerful
Intel CEO Paul Otellini flip-flops, says he 'would've gone Android' if he were Elop
2 It's hard to say if Intel CEO Paul Otellini was simply misquoted the first go 'round, or if he really had a change of heart in the course of 48 hours. Either way, the most recent quotes coming from the highest of highs at Chipzilla paints a very different story than the one we first heard, and it's beginning to look like Intel and Microsoft may eventually wage some sort of war -- even if it's one
Dell Rosemount tablet will have Intel's Oak Trail inside, stylus, removable battery and remote wipe
Dell means business with its upcoming Windows 7 slate, if the whispers we're hearing are true -- we have it on good authority that the recently-leaked Rosemount will be a Latitude. An inside source says that the 10-inch tablet will not only sport Dell's storied business brand but will be geared towards enterprise through and through, with features like serviceable components (including a removabl
Developer gets Kinect working on Android, rains on Microsoft's WP7 parade
2 Windows Phone 7 is getting a lot of extensions this year and, while we wouldn't say Kinect interoperability is anywhere near as important as third-party multitasking, it could be fun. Still, we haven't seen proper Kinect interop, the sort that would see you controlling WP7 games with a Kinect -- the sort that is apparently possible on Android. YouTuber HirotakaSter has managed to hook a Kinect up
Nokia says it can customize the heck out of Windows Phone, won't do anything that would delay updates
In an interview with Nokia VP Niklas Savander at Mobile World Congress, Phone Scoop probed a bit more on the company's plans to rework the Windows Phone user experience -- a user experience that's been essentially closed to OEMs thus far apart from the occasional tile here or added menu item there. As we already heard from Stephen Elop, Nokia's essentially being granted carte blanche for deep cust
HOW TO: Stream Your Media to Every Device in the House
30 The Innovative Entertainment Series is supported by Dolby. Superhero. Mayor. Status update reader. Adam West could read your Facebook status, live.Connected TV might still be a gamble, but it’s hard to purchase anything these days that doesn’t have the ability to connect to the Internet. Refrigerators can tweet for goodness sake! We live in a connected world — in theory, anyway.One of the most
WP7 and Zune HD Are Now Fully Mac Supported
10 The Windows Phone 7 Connector app is live in the Mac App Store, bringing with it (finally) easy syncing between your Mac and your WP7 and/or Zune HD. No more Boot Camp, no more fiddling with clunky beta solutions. Just wish it hadn't taken so long—and I bet at this point Microsoft does too. [iTunes] More »
Lookout: Android Market Growing Faster, But App Store Attracting More Developers
10 Lookout, a company that offers security services for a number of smartphones, is releasing a new study today examining the Android Market and Apple’s App Store for U.S. users. It’s worth a look—the report has a number of interesting data points relating to growth, developers, mobile ad networks and more. According to Lookout, the number of apps available for Android increased approximately 127%
Motorola exec nearly rules out Windows Phone completely, laments 'closed platform'
Motorola may have once said that it was "open" to developing Windows Phone 7 devices, but it looks like that possibility is now a whole lot less likely than it already was. Speaking at Mobile World Congress this week, Motorola's corporate vice president of software and services product management, Christy Wyatt, said that while she would never say never, she doesn't envision Motorola using
HTC CEO Peter Chou on Microsoft / Nokia partnership: 'it'll make the ecosystem stronger'
Here's a nugget to chew on as you roll out of bed this morning. During "The Power of Applications" keynote today at Mobile World Congress, HTC CEO Peter Chou was just asked what his take was on the Microsoft / Nokia partnership. Of course, we've heard before that the company loves Android and WP7 equally, and it was certainly onboard from the get-to with the launch of the 7 Mozart, but it's