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Razer Chimaera Headset Bumps Xbox and PC Games in 5.1 Surround Sound, Sans Wires
16 The less cords the better, I say, and if your Xbox controller is already wireless why deal with a headset that keeps you tethered to it? That's like one of those chains that goes from your lip piercing to your nipple piercing. Anywho, Razer's new Chimaera headset, which works with both the Xbox 360 and PC, pumps out Dolby 5.1 surround sound and wi
GAEMS Xbox 360 traveling case gets sleek redesign, still won't help you spell correctly
The last rendition we saw of the GAEMS console-carrying case looked more like a giant lunch box than a solution to your portable gaming needs. If you're still interested in bringing your Xbox 360 on the road, the company has redesigned the case and it now supports the fat and slim versions of the 360 and even the PS3-skinny. What's new in this compact carrying case is the fact there's actually ro
Videogame hardware and software sales declining, time to roll out some new consoles?
There was a time when you couldn't go three years without having to shell out $300 for the latest and greatest videogame console, something with mind-blowing graphics and slight refreshes of the games you'd already bought twice before. Those days are past, with the Xbox 360 over five years old and the PlayStation 3 four, yet neither having any replacements in the wings. Perhaps this is partly why
Developer gets Kinect working on Android, rains on Microsoft's WP7 parade
2 Windows Phone 7 is getting a lot of extensions this year and, while we wouldn't say Kinect interoperability is anywhere near as important as third-party multitasking, it could be fun. Still, we haven't seen proper Kinect interop, the sort that would see you controlling WP7 games with a Kinect -- the sort that is apparently possible on Android. YouTuber HirotakaSter has managed to hook a Kinect up
Play Kinect Games (and Multitask!) on WP7 Later This Year
6 We know copy and paste functionality is launching next month, but Microsoft today showed off some exciting new updates for WP7, such as multitasking (using the "card" format), and Xbox 360 Kinect support. More »
5 Tech Advances That Are Transforming Digital Entertainment
8 The Innovative Entertainment Series is supported by Dolby. Superhero. Mayor. Status update reader. Adam West could read your Facebook status, live.The idea of “sitting around the campfire” persists into the modern age. Now, however, there is much less “campfire.” The idea has come to mean a group of people sitting around a communal piece of entertainment.Fire used to be a really big deal, but n
Circboard brings fast typing to console controllers
4 Entering any kind of text using a console gamepad is an exercise in frustration. Certain games have offered innovative solutions, like Beyond Good and Evil's infinitely spiraling letters, but none quite as simple as Circboard. It basically splits the keyboard into bunches, with the left analog stick on an Xbox 360 controller selecting a group of letters and then the right stick or buttons grabbin
N-Control Avenger Xbox 360 controller attachment now shipping
Admit it, you know you want one of those wild N-Control Avenger controller attachments: there's no shame in that, we want one too! The so-called "Exo-Suit" -- which we checked out at CES -- gives your Xbox controller an overhaul, and it is now officially shipping. The little unit will run you $39.99, so you can hit up the source link if that's what you're into.N-Control Avenger Xbox 360 controlle
Luxury game controller is hand assembled in Paris, overkill everywhere else
Feeling ostentatious, are we? This luxury game controller (yes, you read that right) is hand assembled in a Parisian workshop and features a lacquered oak wood joystick, ostrich leather covering, and electronics courtesy of Sanwa. We have no idea how much this will cost (and we're quite frankly afraid to ask) although we should know when this becomes available on the 18th of this month. Compatibl
Android Honeycomb / Motorola Xoom hands-ons: widgets, Grocery IQ, and Monster Madness
Fully-functional Xooms with complete (or seemingly complete) builds of Honeycomb are out in force here at Google's event in Mountain View today, and a bunch of partners are hanging out to demonstrate the tablet apps they've been working on. We checked out both Monster Madness -- a game that's been on Xbox 360 and PS3 for some time -- and Grocery IQ, both of which obviously bring very different ex
Microsoft’s Kinnect Helped Power It To A Record Quarter, Indicating A New Era For Both MSFT & Personal Computing
2 video Last month I said that “The (Very Near) Future of Microsoft Windows Is Here, Now!“, lamenting on how impressive Microsoft’s new computing and gaming interface was. For those of you who are not familiar with the Kinnect technology, I strongly suggest you review the contents behind the link.  It is truly amazing, particularly considering it has already been hacked onto Windows 7 and individual
XCM's F-1 Converter lets XBox 360 players get behind G25, G27 racing wheels
We've never been shy about our affection for Logitech's G25 and G27 steering wheels, and now we can share our love with our friends of the Xbox 360 persuasion. With the brand new F-1 converter from XCM, die hard Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Slim fans can get behind the same wheels we've been behind since 2006. If that wasn't reward enough, the F-1 also sports a built-in combo-attack memory function for
Evidence of Duke Nukem Forever's existence continues to mount with new trailer, release date
Gearbox Software promised last fall that they'd finally, really finish and release Duke Nukem Forever, and it's starting to look like they're actually going to come through. The studio has just released a full trailer for the game, and it's announced something that many though they'd never see: a release date. Assuming nothing goes horribly awry in the next few months, you can expect the game to
Fanatec Porsche GT2 wheel and Clubsport pedals review
Sim racing keeps on moving toward higher-end accessories, while there have always been top-shelf components available to the hardcore, games like Gran Turismo 5 are encouraging more and more people to want a more and more realistic driving experience. Fanatec has been delivering that experience for years and its $250 Porsche 911 GT2 is the company's latest and highest-end product, offering a luxu
Xbox 360 mandatory update restores boot to disc, detains Call of Duty pirates for a tad
The story of the Trojan Horse must be a favorite among video game console manufacturers, because software updates these days often come with more than bargained for -- today, Microsoft issued a mandatory Xbox 360 update, reportedly for a single bugfix, but which seems to have coincidentally halted scores of pirates and hackers from playing Call of Duty: Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 on the conso
Calibur11 Vault eyes-on, protecting your Xbox from tactical nukes and stuff
Although it won't protect your console from a certain red ring, the Calibur11 Vault will fend off pretty much everything else. Calibur11 claim that the MLG approved plates that latch on to your Xbox 360 increase console airflow, while adding an integrated game interaction through the use of LED / USB lighting effects and the extravagant 3D extremities protruding from the sides of your console. Th
Play “Angry Birds” — The Board Game
10 Those who have always dreamed of getting their hands on some Angry Birds — literally — are in luck. Sort of. Mattel will be adapting the immensely popular Angry Birds mobile game into a board game.Players will draw cards that show either brick structures or pigs — all of which are recreated as plastic figures — that tell the player where to direct a plastic angry bird with a slingshot.Rovio’s s
Mashable Awards 2010: Announcing The Winners
4 With more than 1.3 million nominations and votes, we’re pleased to announce the 2010 Mashable Awards winners.The Mashable Awards, our annual contest highlighting the very best of tech and the web, received a record number of votes this year. After entering the final round, we narrowed the list to the top five nominees in each category based on your votes. The winners received the most votes fro
Microsoft Kinect Sales Surpass 8 Million
It appears that Microsoft Kinect sales haven’t cooled at all since the company reported moving 2.5 million units in less than a month.The company has now sold more than 8 million units according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who is currently delivering his keynote speech at CES in Las Vegas.In addition to the impressive sales figure, Ballmer revealed a new feature called “Avatar Kinect” that
Avatar Kinect: Now Your Avatar Smiles, Smirks and Talks When You Do
20 Your Xbox Live avatar leads a lonely existence. Or did, anyway, before Avatar Kinect came along. Now, Kinect recognizes your face: When you smile, when you raise your eyebrows, when you talk—and your Avatar uncannily does the same. More »
“Angry Birds” Headed to PSP & PS3 This Week
Good news PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners, Angry Birds will be available for download as a PlayStation mini title this week.PlayStation minis are smaller games that can be downloaded to the PSP or PS3. The mini version of Angry Birds sounds like it will be similar to the versions of Angry Birds already available for iOS, Android and Symbian devices, complete with support for 63 le
HOW TO: Your Get Your Old PC Running Like New Again
18 Michael Smith has been the IT Manager at TrialPay for three years, where he supports a wide variety of computer systems for 100 employees. TrialPay works with more than 10,000 companies in social games and software, including CNET, which is offering a special “New Year, New PC” bundle.Now that the new year is upon us, many people may be thinking about dumping their slower, outdated hardware and
“World of Warcraft” + Xbox Kinect = Magic
14 video A group from the University of Southern California has created the coolest Xbox Kinect hack yet: gesture-based spell casting and controls for World of Warcraft.USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies has created and released FAAST, or the Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit. It’s a middleware toolkit that helps integrate full-body motion controls for games via the Kinect’s sensors.
7 Predictions for the Gaming Industry in 2011
The video gaming industry made great strides this year. What’s next? Here are my predictions for 2011.It’s been a hell of a year. In 2010, motion hardware such as Microsoft Kinect and PlayStation Move made their debuts, the Nintendo Wii stayed put but still held its own, and the first 3D handheld gaming system was introduced. And let’s forget that smartphone gaming took the market by storm.Aga
HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Your New Xbox 360 With Kinect
2 video This post is part of the Mashable 10, Mashable’s gift guide of the 10 hottest gadgets that our editors think should be on everyone’s wish lists this holiday season. If you were lucky enough to receive one of those gifts, our handy quick start guides should get you up and running. To view the entire gift guide, click here.Congrats! That present you just unwrapped contained an Xbox 360 with Kin
Want Santa to Bring You a Kinect? Maybe You Should Bake Him These
8 Want Santa to bring you a XBox 360 Kinect or Playstation Move this Christmas Eve? Perhaps you should bake him these replicas of your current controllers, courtesy of Not So Humble Pie, which has posted recipes for each on its blog. Just don’t forget the milk.Reviews: blogMore About: cookies, wii remoteFor more Entertainment coverage:Follow Mashable Entertainment on TwitterBecome a Fan on Facebo
iPod Touch, iPad & Kindle Top Gadget Searches
The top search terms for consumer electronics gadgets in the past four weeks include the iPod touch, the iPad and the Kindle.Other top-10 gadgets on the most-searched-for list include Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Nintendo’s Wii and the iPod nano, which got an exciting refresh this year.These stats come from Experian Hitwise, an intelligence firm with a database of more than 16,000 products in the cons