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Query For The Bernank: What Is The Fair Value Of Netflix Stock Expressed In 8% Unemployment?
Yesterday, while we were listening to the Chairsatan (©Bill Gross), we made the following semi-serious realtime translation of Bernank's presentation to the sycophants' club: "Let me explain it to you: 9% unemployment: NFLX $300; 8% unemployment: NFLX $500; 6% unemployment: NFLX $1000. Kapishe?" And while we were mostly joking in our correct interpretation of the Fed's massi
Inside the Social Media Campaign for the 2011 Grammy Awards
video Co-written by Christina Warren The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards are just around the proverbial corner, and to herald their arrival, the Recording Academy is busting out with an innovative social media campaign involving geolocation, mobile, web, social media and even augmented reality. This year’s campaign, dubbed Music Is Life Is Music — a joint effort between the Academy and the creative team a
Vevo Launches Emerging Artists Program
2 Music video site Vevo plans to launch an emerging artist platform called Lift at tonight’s People’s Choice Awards, with hopes to introduce music fans to new musicians as well as get them involved in said musicians’ careers.The inaugural artist to be showcased via Lift (which is sponsored by McDonald’s) will be Jessie J, a UK singer/songwriter who has written songs for the likes of pop princess
What I Want For Christmas
8 Bob Lefsetz is a music industry observer, and publisher of the Lefsetz letter: ~~~ 1. Spotify In The States Spotify kills piracy dead. Isn’t this what the rightsholders want? As for it being free on the computer… I hate to tell you, music is already free on the computer, ever heard of YouTube? Yes, we’re moving to streaming, and we’re moving to a mobile world. You’ve got to pay to use Spotify o
Win a Holiday MashPack With 12 Tech Prizes & Ben Folds Tickets
‘Tis the season and Mashable has been getting into the holiday spirit by talking about this year’s most gift-worthy gadgets and inviting readers to get together at Mashable Holiday Meetups.Now we’re celebrating by giving you awesome social media and tech prizes. Every weekday for the next two weeks, we’ll give away a Holiday MashPack filled with at least 12 wish list items. A different grand prize
HOW TO: Use Social Media to Enhance Your Event
10 Meaghan Edelstein has gained national media attention through her blog, I Kicked Cancer’s Ass, which she started to document her battle with end stage cancer. She is an attorney, the founder of the non-profit organization Spirit Jump, and works for the Real Time Marketing Group.Using social media to enhance events might seem like a no-brainer, but many conferences — even social media ones — fail t
ConcertIn: Share Your Real Life Concerts With Friends
2 ConcertIn, built by past TechCrunch Meet-up pitch contest winner Jan Horna, essentially turns concerts into Facebook events, allowing you and your friends to talk up the Freelance Whales as well as buy tickets to their next concert. The service doesn’t look like much on the surface but this “event” featuring the boy band Baby Lala shows you how it works. You create a concert event, buy tickets v
A Ringing Endorsement for Earplugs
6 video If you’re a die-hard concert attendee — the kind of guy or gal who likes to stand right up next to the speakers and groove your little heart out from support band to encore — you should probably invest in a good pair of earplugs. My suggestion? EarPeace’s nifty reusable pair.Confession time: I have always been extremely reluctant to wear earplugs. My oh-so-scientific reasoning? They’re dorky. Well
Dept. Of Advertising: Check Into Cheryl Cole Billboards With Facebook Places
6 When Facebook launched Places in August, it encouraged advertisers to list their businesses in the Places directory. But now an advertiser is taking it one step further and asking passersby to check into a billboard using Facebook Places. In a new outdoor campaign across the UK for British singer Cheryl Cole, who has a new album coming out and a concert tour, fans who check into the billboard
Elvis Costello Turns to Social Media to Promote Upcoming Album
2 British singer-songwriter Elvis Costello — who got his start in the days of early punk and new wave — is releasing a new album that he’ll be promoting through a variety of digital methods, including live concert streaming and a social networking-driven scavenger hunt.Costello’s latest project, National Ransom, will come out on November 2 in the U.S., but publicity surrounding the album will kick o
Bing Brings You Jay-Z’s Life “Decoded”
Jay-Z fans will be able to access pages from the rapper’s upcoming book — Decoded, an exploration of his life and lyrics — starting this week for a whole month before it hits store shelves on November 16. This sneak peek is part of an online interactive game and campaign that has been formed in collaboration with Bing.Here’s how it works: Pages from the book will be physically placed around the wo
The Future of Event Planning and Social Media
4 video The Future of Social Media Series is supported by Gist. Gist provides a full view of the contacts in your professional network by creating a rich business profile for each one that includes the most news, status updates, and work details. See how it works here.From the largest music festival with 100,000 attendees to an intimate wedding with 100 guests, event planners are finding new ways to orga
Mashable & 92Y Social Good Summit Recap & Complete Videos
Mashable and 92Y Social Good Summit in partnership with the UN Foundation brought together leaders in social good on Monday to explore the most inspirational, promising and effective ways in which new media can help address the world’s challenges. We want to thank everyone who participated in the event and made it possible.The Social Good Summit, one of the few public events being held during UN W
LIVE: Watch the Mashable & 92Y Social Good Summit
4 Mashable and 92Y present a Summit of the most inspirational, promising and effective ways in which new media can help address the world’s challenges. As the world’s attention turns to New York for UN Week, this Summit showcases and celebrates the power and potential of digital media.The Social Good Summit, one of the few public events being held during UN Week, is all about solutions. Every speake
Social Good Summit and UN Week Starts Monday
6 Mashable has been working with the UN Foundation and 92nd Street Y to produce a series of events that we hope will break the mold of the traditionally closed structure of UN Week, which starts Monday. (Tickets are going quickly.)We have an amazing lineup of speakers coming to the stage and are excited to announce that Edward Norton, Award-winning actor and founder of Crowdrise and Geena Davis, Aca
Why Foursquare Needs More Coke Fairies
2 Foursquare was built for individuals by design. As brands and marketers leverage the platform for creative location-based campaigns however, they’re starting to employ objects (Jimmy Choo shoes) and pop culture products (Barbie) in lieu of real people to facilitate checkins and challenges.Coke Australia is the latest brand to put their brand name product to work on Foursquare’s mobile gaming platf
How You Can Support UN Week 2010
2 This year, Mashable has been working with the UN Foundation and 92nd Street Y to produce a series of events that we hope will break the mold of the traditionally closed concept of UN Week. We have an amazing lineup of speakers coming to the stage and are excited to announce that Geena Davis, Academy Award-winning actor and founder of See Jane, is joining us. She will be interviewed by Soledad O’Br
Live Nation To Power Concert Listings, Ticket Sales In iTunes 10
4 In case you were wondering (I’m looking at you Levine): Live Nation and sister company Ticketmaster have jointly announced that they’ll be the ones powering the concert listings feature on iTunes 10. In addition, the company said it will deliver a “way for millions of iTunes users to purchase concert tickets at and“. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think CEO Steve
Lady Gaga Topples Britney As Queen Of Twitter
4 Oh, glorious day. Britney Spears is no longer the Queen of Twitter. She has been toppled from her thrown. A cultural milestone? Perhaps. But wait. The new Queen of Twitter is Lady Gaga. Is that any better? At least she is more entertaining, or at least more self-aware. Sometime last night, her highness Lady Gaga passed Britney in Twitter followers. She currently has 5,777,492 to Britney’s
New Facebook Scam Targets Justin Bieber Fans
A new scam offering free Justin Bieber concert tickets is spreading virally through the status updates of Facebook users.The status message, which reads: “WOW! Justin Bieber Is Giving Away Free Concert Tickets Now!” is followed by a link to a rogue Facebook application that, if installed, posts the same message on a user’s Facebook status, security software firm Sophos has learned.It also c
Apple hires NFC expert to manage mobile commerce, prepare to pay with your iPhone
2 Don't look now, but things may be getting real on the pay-with-your-cell-phone front, as Cupertino's hired a man with years of experience in enabling just that to finally get 'er done. According to his LinkedIn profile, Benjamin Vigier is Apple's new Product Manager of Mobile Commerce, immediately following his handiwork on PayPal Mobile, Sprint MyMoneyManager and the iPhone-based Starbucks Card
#WinWeekend Sweepstakes: Win Gorillaz Flip Video Ticket Package
What’s your favorite music video site? Answer the simple question and have a chance to win one of four prizes, including a Gorillaz Flip Video Camera and tickets to their show.For this week’s #WinWeekend Sweepstakes in partnership with Live Nation, we’re giving away three prizes, plus one grand Gorillaz prize package: 3 sub-division Gorillaz fan club subscriptions with a t-shirt: Each subscription
Metallica Edges out The Beatles in #WinWeekend
This weekend, we held the second #WinWeekend Weekly Sweepstakes in partnership with Live Nation. We asked readers to finish the statement, “My favorite musical artist is…” for a chance to win one of two awesome prizes. With thousands of responses, Metallica edged out The Beatles for the most votes, followed by Zakk Wylde, Pink Floyd and Green Day.Congratulations to Brian LaFranchi and Jamie Stewar
#WinWeekend Sweepstakes: Win One of Two Electric Guitars and More
Mashable is excited to announce the second of the #WinWeekend Weekly Sweepstakes contests in partnership with Live Nation. Last weekend, we gave away a $250 concert cash prize to one lucky winner. This week, we’re upping the ante.This weekend, we’re giving away TWO awesome prizes: A Ibanez electric guitar with the black knight finish; and, for a second winner:An autographed Epiphone Zakk Wylde Bu
Top 5 Mobile Commerce Trends for 2010
4 The mobile trends series is supported by Samsung. Read more about the Samsung Galaxy here. Considering that most people would rather lose their wallet than misplace their cell phone, it’s fitting that the mobile world is quickly becoming a new hub for business. For many of us, our cell phone never leaves our side. It holds a place at the dinner table, is easily accessible in your bag’s front pocke
TC50 Finalist SeatGeek Closes $1 Million Series A Round, Partners With Nielsen
Exclusive – SeatGeek, one of the finalists of TechCrunch50 2009, has raised $1 million in Series A funding led by Founder Collective and joined by NYC Seed. The funding brings SeatGeek’s total investment to over $1.5 million, and it intends to use the new capital to hire more engineers and business developers. Founder Collective and NYC Seed thusly join SeatGeek’s current investor line-up, which
AT&T bonds two phone lines to extend U-verse's reach, ensure it is the 98th caller
Like your average teenager, AT&T has recognized the power in using two phone lines to cheaply extend its reach and influence. Pair bonding technology expands U-verse's reach by sending the signal over two copper phone lines at once and was supposed to roll out back in '08. No word what caused the delay, but that it's a cheaper option than putting more "shovels in the ground" should keep costs