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IMDb Takes Android App Global With International Movie Showtimes And More
8 Amazon’s IMDb recently updated its iPad and iPhone apps with international showtimes, entertainment news and more. Today, IMDb is bringing these updates to its recently launched Android app. The app, which is free, now includes a completely redesigned homescreen that integrates the latest trailers of movies, and features updated entertainment news from hundreds of media outlets. You’ll also be a
Fandango Goes Big Screen on the iPad
2 Movie ticketing service Fandango has updated its popular iOS app to support the iPad. Fandango for iPad [iTunes link] is a free app that lets users not only browse movie showtimes and purchase tickets but also watch trailers and movie clips, see critic and user reviews, and get a glimpse at what films are especially hot at the box office.Fandango is the nation’s leading ticketing service, and i
The First iAd for iPad Has Arrived
2 Apple is rolling out its first iAd for iPad, a full-screen ad for Disney’s TRON: Legacy, according to an Apple rep.Though the rep declined to elaborate, the TRON ad will run on iPad apps like TV Guide and includes close to 10 minutes of video, images from the movie, a theater locator with showtimes and a preview of the movie soundtrack with the option to purchase on iTunes without leaving the ad,
5 Mobile Apps for Finding Great Movies
4 The Movie and Tech Series is supported by DVDVideoSoft. Discover Free Studio, a full collection of free software to process video, images and audio at Clean, free and user-friendly.Perusing the mobile app landscape, it’s pretty clear that a whole bunch of developers love movies. For movie fans, this is pretty great because it means there are tons of apps for movie addicts to choo
IMDb Goes Global With New iPad and iPhone Apps
4 Amazon-owned IMDb released a nifty iPad App earlier this year which allowed customers to access more than 1.5 million movie and TV titles with information on millions celebrities, actors, actresses, directors and crew members. The Movies and TV app also allowed users to access movie trailers, find localized movie showtimes in the U.S., and more. Today, the company is releasing brand new iPhone and
How to Make Myspace Relevant
4 In the realm of might-have-beens, Myspace shows even more promise than Friendster. But as I discuss at GigaOM Pro, by returning to its roots, a move suggested by its recent relaunch, Myspace may yet be salvageable. It shouldn’t try to challenge Facebook for social network leadership, but it can still be a valuable consumer media business, if not a technology driver. Myspace’s relaunch is smart
10 Mobile Apps for Movie Addicts
8 The Movie and Tech Series is supported by DVDVideoSoft. Discover Free Studio, a full collection of free software to process video, images and audio at Clean, free and user-friendly.One of the greatest things about the burgeoning smartphone app market is all the apps, tools and games for movie lovers. Beyond just finding movie times and getting actor or director information, these
Flixster CEO’s Age-And-Taste-Inappropriate Love Of Vanessa Hudgens
10 A tipster today emailed to point out that Flixster CEO Joe Greenstein gave his own app a five star rating on iTunes, and then went on to trash the competition. Both Movie Night Out and Showtimes got one stars. “It tries to do too much and fails,” he said of Movie Night Out. And Showtimes “does not include a full list of movies – just the current ones.” Frankly I don’t give a damn about that. If a
Yahoo And The Incredibly Expanding Accordion Search Box
Google has Google Instant. Bing has guided search and (soon) swimming whale videos on its home page. Yahoo, well, Yahoo now has an expanding accordion search box. Starting today, when you do searches related to music, movies, or news, a set of results will be packaged together at the top in a box with vertical tabs along the side. It is similar to Google’s Universal Search Onebox and the Bing
Apple Now Serving Up Showtimes With Its Movie Trailers
12 Apple is offering a new showtimes service to go along with its always popular movie trailer selection. The new site may not be as feature-filled as the likes of Fandango, but it's certainly more slick. More »
IMDb Brings Movie Discovery to Android Devices
14 The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has released its IMDb Movies and TV app for Android devices.Like the IMDb app for iPhone and iPad, Android users can use the tool to quickly access movie news, showtimes, movie trailers and information about their favorite actor or film.The Android release is also coinciding with a new mobile and social initiative known as “IMDb Everywhere.” The goal with “IMDb E
Bing Dives into Entertainment with New Search Vertical
10 Microsoft’s search engine just got a whole lot more media-focused with the launch of Bing Entertainment, a new vertical centering on music, movies, TV and games. The goal behind the new destination at is to make it easier to find what movie to watch, what music to listen to, what casual games to play: “Spend less time searching for entertainment and more time doing the stuf
Bing For iPhone, Now With Added Social Search And Google Goggles-Like Feature
4 Microsoft has just released an updated version of the Bing for iPhone app (iTunes link), and it brings two major goodies. The first is a Google Goggles-like feature for visual scanning of certain objects, and secondly come search enhancements that take the engine beyond traditional searching to include status updates from your social graph. In a blog post, Bing for Mobile group product manager Ju
Amazon’s Second iPad App: IMDb
10 With all the talk about Google and Amazon versus Apple, both Internet companies have been quick to release custom applications for the latter’s freshly launched iPad device. had already introduced its Kindle app for iPad, and over the weekend announced the second one it added to the stable: an IMDb (Internet Movie Database) app (iTunes link) – it went live on April 1st. The
The Best iPad Apps At Launch
20 In preparation for the launch of the iPad tomorrow, iPad Apps are live in iTunes and we’re sorting through the best ones as fast as we can. But with more than 2,000 iPad apps in the App Store, the choices are already daunting. To help you find the best apps at launch, we’ve put together the definitive list below. It includes all the iPad apps reviewed on TechCrunch, as well as other promising
TCM iPhone App Brings Movie Classics to Your Pocket
8 Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has recently released an iPhone app that promises to bring movie classics to your pocket. The app, which is $2.99 in the App Store [iTunes link], has movie clips and trailers, photos and access to the TCM schedule. I’m a film fanatic (I am @film_girl, after all) and as an Atlantan, Turner Classic Movie has always held a special place in my heart (except for that period
ChaCha Makes Its Crazy Business Model…Profitable
10 We’ve always had a lot of fun with Indianapolis-based startup ChaCha. They launched in 2007 as a human powered search engine – meaning a human found you answers when you typed in a query. Pranksters, obviously, loved it. And we noted the high cost of hiring humans to basically do Google searches and return results to people. The human powered web search never really worked out. But ChaCha evolved.
iPhone App Lets You IMDb on the Go
18 The Internet Movie Databse (IMDb) is a great resource for any movie fan. Not only can you view showtimes and trailers, you can find out all those nagging details like: “Was it Gary Busey in that movie, or am I confusing him with Nick Nolte?” Or: “What Baldwin brother was in that awful movie with Cindy Crawford?” (The answer is Billy, the movie is Fair Game. We don’t recommend anyone watch it. Ever
Find Movies Playing Nearby With Google Mobile Search
20 video Want to find out what’s playing in theaters near you? Or you just want to check out the latest movie trailers? Google mobile search now has a special section that lets you check out movie listings, with locations, trailers, ratings, posters and upcoming showtimes. To try it out, fire up on your iPhone, webOS or Android device, search for “movies”, and click on the “More movies” link. I
Hallmark Expands Presence On Facebook With SocialCalendar Partnership
2 Facebook application SocialCalendar is currently the go-to calendar for users to manage their social lives on the network with over 13 million total installs and about 2 million monthly active users. Greetings card empire Hallmark is hoping to ride on SocialCalendar’s coattails with the relaunch of the app as Hallmark SocialCalendar. Hallmark has made a significant investment in SocialCalendar,’s iPhone App Brings the Magic to Your Pocket
4 More and more brands and websites are developing and releasing iPhone apps that feature website content in new and enhanced ways. Sites like CNN, The New York Times, and yes, even Mashable, all have iPhone apps. Today, Disney is joining the mix with the new [iTunes link] app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Disney already has a number of other free and paid iPhone apps, but the
Hello, And Welcome To Moviefone. Now Leave And Try ShowtimeFu.
6 video At one time, Moviefone was the hottest way to find movie showtimes. It was so hot in the 90s that Seinfeld even made fun of it in an episode (embed below). Sadly, now run by AOL, its website is a cluttered mess. I don’t know about you, but when I visit it, I expect to find a way to easily find movie showtimes. I don’t care about the latest celebrity gossip, nor do I want to see all this behind the
T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Review
4 See Google Ion Review. Done? Good. This phone is exactly the same, except that the myTouch has a slightly different finish, and T-Mobile released an App Pack filled with two handfuls of essential apps on the Android Marketplace for it. That's what we're going to review today. Also, keep in mind that this is running on T-Mobile's 3G network, which isn't quite as good as if you impo
The Month in Android Apps: Grey Cupcakes Have Delicious Spots
video Hello, welcome to the inaugural this month in Android apps. It's been a pastry-packed month, what with cupcakes and donuts and, um, ions flying around. We've got spots, searches, flicks and apps that will make you burn with jealous rage just ahead. Spotify: Demoed at Google IO 2009, it actually isn't available in America—legit use is limited to a handful of countries in Europe (we get Hulu,
Nokia Point and Find Is Like a Meatspace Google
Nokia's Point and Find beta service, which lets you point your cellphone camera at any object to learn more about it, is ready for use today in San Francisco and London. But there's a catch: It only works on movie posters for right now (and probably just recent ones too). When you capture an image, it'll pull up any information that might be associated with it such as showtimes and merchandise. Th
SocialCalendar Organizes Your Social Life
Facebook application SocialCalendar is steadily gaining popularity as a go-to calendar for users to manage their social lives on the network. With over 11 million total installs and about 2 million monthly active users, SocialCalendar is one of the only widely used, general purpose calendars on Facebook. SocialCalendar lets you plan events among Facebook friends, get movie showtimes and integrat
First Look At Google Mobile App For iPhone: Great But Not Second Coming
video Well, it happened. Google’s voice recognition mobile app finally arrived today on the iPhone App Store. Until today all we had to go by was the demo video that Google created showing it in action. And that video shows something that quite simply changes the way I’d use the phone. Instead of clicking buttons on the virtual keyboard to search the web or my contacts, I’d just hit a button and use th