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5 of the Best Streaming Media Services Compared
2 The Innovative Entertainment Series is supported by Dolby. “Like” Dolby for a chance to have Adam West read your Facebook status update, live, on camera, February 18th.A few years ago, most people probably got the majority of their media content from either a cable box, an optical disc or from an Internet download. Today, with the advent of YouTube, ubiquitous connectivity and better access to
Top 10 Funny YouTube Videos About Twitter
8 video Twitter is a great source of comedy. Whether it’s poking fun at the platform’s self-promotion potential, giggling at celebs’ bizarre tweets, or marveling at the everyday minutia, Twitter is built for fun, and to be made fun of.We’ve scoured YouTube to bring you 10 amusing videos all about the micro-blogging service that range from parody to satire, all the way through to just downright silly.The n
How Does 3D Technology Work?
10 The Innovative Entertainment Series is supported by Dolby. “Like” Dolby for a chance to have Adam West read your Facebook status update, live, on camera, February 18th.In 1838, Sir Charles Wheatstone first described the process of stereopsis: the process by which humans perceive three dimensions from two highly similar, overlaid images. Or, the process by which Avatar looks like a mind-blowingl
Win a $2,000+ Digital Home Entertainment Package
2 As we become more and more connected in the digital space, we’re consuming different types of media across various devices. But with new, often pricey gadgets coming out every day, it’s tough to keep up with the latest technology for watching movies, listening to music, sharing photos and more.Unless you’re Mashable‘s lucky winner, that is.We’re giving away an awesome digital home entertainment
Weekend at Myspace: And Other Upcoming Silicon Valley Movies
4 Whether the audience agreed or not, our favorite part (of ours) of the Crunchies was the movie posters bit. Inspired by the success of the Social Network, we’d brainstormed a few ideas for Silicon Valley themed movies of our own, complete with promotional posters to help with the pitch. In case you missed seeing them live, here they are. The first is “Weekend at MySpace” - a remake of weekend at B
7 Pairs of Stylish 3-D Specs for Fashionable Film Fans
With 798,000 pairs of disposable plastic glasses doled out per day at the peak of Avatar’s popularity, the many 3-D films headed to the theater in 2011 may not be good news for the planet. Getting your own pair of reusable 3-D glasses will offer you an improved viewing experience and comfort, as well as help you look less like a dork, especially now that 3-D screens are coming out of the darkn
Jack Dorsey On Charlie Rose: “It’s Really Complex To Make Something Simple.”
2 Twitter Chairman and Square founder Jack Dorsey sat down with Charlie Rose last night to talk about Dorsey’s unique position of being responsible for two technology startups based on the idea of simplicity: Twitter and Square. Watching this interview you realize that Dorsey’s accomplishments have little to do with luck, and more with his focus on creating the purest products by throwing away any
5 Reasons Connected TV Could Flop in 2011
4 Jeremy Toeman has worked in the field of convergence between computers, the Internet and TV for more than 10 years. He is a founding partner of Stage Two, a consumer technology product experience firm in San Francisco, and can be found blogging at Google TV scrapping CES, the biggest challenge smart televisions face in 2011 is overcoming customers’ FUD (fear, uncertaint
Mashable Awards Gala Recap & Photos
Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the Mashable Awards. It was great to celebrate a night with you and our esteemed guests, partners, sponsors and attendees, as well as those who watched the live stream, at the Mashable Awards Gala at CES in Las Vegas.The sold out show began in true tech fashion, first with a musical set from remix masters Eclectic Method, then with host Baratunde
Mashable Awards 2010: Announcing The Winners
4 With more than 1.3 million nominations and votes, we’re pleased to announce the 2010 Mashable Awards winners.The Mashable Awards, our annual contest highlighting the very best of tech and the web, received a record number of votes this year. After entering the final round, we narrowed the list to the top five nominees in each category based on your votes. The winners received the most votes fro
Not Just "Inflation Versus Deflation" ... We've Got "MixedFlation" and "ExportFlation"
2 → Washington’s BlogMany people have made persuasive arguments for inflation.See, for example, my roundup from 2009, and Gonzolo Lira's recent essay arguing that there is no political will to raise interest rates, and so commodities have become the safe haven investment (replacing bonds).Many others have made persuasive arguments for deflation.See, for example, my post from 2009, and Charles Hugh
LG's CES 2011 HD lineup: SmartTV platform, network Blu-ray players and HDTVs
Thanks to a couple of carefully planned slips over in South Korea, hardly anything about LG's CES 2011 is apt to take you fully by surprise. But if you just so happened to disconnect over the holidays, we'll break it all down below to ensure you remain firmly in the loop. For starters, the outfit seems pretty darn proud of its new SmartTV platform. Hinted at last month, this system enables H
Vizio unveils Theater 3D HDTVs with passive glasses tech in 22- to 71-inch sizes
We doubt we've seen all of Vizio's 2011 product lineup yet, but the latest information is that it's expanding upon the one Theater 3D TV model currently available with an entire line -- promising to offer 3D with passive glasses in sizes from 22- all the up to 71-inches. There are 21 models detailed in the press release after the break including LED edge lit LCDs, direct LED backlit models, ones
12 God bless 2010 as the year when everybody, including Twitter, caught up to Twitter. Now that we know the importance of streaming realtime, what are we going to do with it? I’ve been doing some thinking as I recover from a pinched nerve that has made it agony to do anything other than feel sorry for myself. Thanks to painkillers, acupuncture, and the iPad, I’m slowly regaining most everything but m
Fandango Goes Big Screen on the iPad
2 Movie ticketing service Fandango has updated its popular iOS app to support the iPad. Fandango for iPad [iTunes link] is a free app that lets users not only browse movie showtimes and purchase tickets but also watch trailers and movie clips, see critic and user reviews, and get a glimpse at what films are especially hot at the box office.Fandango is the nation’s leading ticketing service, and i
TRON: Legacy Reader Meetups in SF, NYC and Everywhere Else TODAY
2 Lifehacker, io9 and Gizmodo want to watch TRON: Legacy with readers in San Francisco, New York and everywhere else. Cosplay if you can. There may be a beer in it for you afterwards. More »
Tron: Legacy Review Round-Up: A Mixed Reaction
4 Tron Legacy pops up in your local movie theater today, and the question on everyone’s mind is: is it rubbish? If you ask the critics, then yeah: it’s really not that good at all. Shock. But when was the last time “the critics” saw eye-to-eye with the American people? Give Joe Public some cool special effects and you’re easily making $100 million. Read More
VIZIO's 65-inch Theater 3D TV with passive glasses is official, launches this month
If the current crop of active shutter 3D televisions isn't your style and you'd prefer some cheaper specs, say hello to VIZIO's new 65-inch Theater 3D Razor XVT3D650SV LED set, its biggest TV yet. Previously spotted lurking about on the manufacturer's website, this set uses cheap polarized glasses like the ones in most movie theaters unlike the more expensive (and, according to the press release,
5 Great Gadgets for Reinventing Your Road Trips
This post originally appeared on My Life Scoop, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about using social media and technology for a more connected life.If you don’t live in a bustling city with ample public transportation options, chances are that you spend a fair bit of time in your car, so you want to make that time as pleasant as possible.That’s where tech can step in to help entertain
The First iAd for iPad Has Arrived
2 Apple is rolling out its first iAd for iPad, a full-screen ad for Disney’s TRON: Legacy, according to an Apple rep.Though the rep declined to elaborate, the TRON ad will run on iPad apps like TV Guide and includes close to 10 minutes of video, images from the movie, a theater locator with showtimes and a preview of the movie soundtrack with the option to purchase on iTunes without leaving the ad,
Come Watch TRON LEGACY With Us Before It Opens In New York And San Francisco
8 Okay, readers, here’s our holiday gift to you. Come see the coolest movie of the season, TRON LEGACY, with us in New York City or San Francisco on Thursday night. This might be your last chance to join our Tron-tourage. TRON LEGACY officially opens this Friday, December 17th, but we are inviting you to see it with us before the big release date. Buy a ticket for yourself, your friends, your fa
TechCrunch TRON LEGACY Screenings In New York And San Francisco
4 Longtime TechCrunch readers know we like to have movie screenings on opening day for cool science fiction type blockbusters. Sometimes we get into legal trouble, but let us worry about that. It always works out in the end. TRON LEGACY officially opens this Friday, December 17. We’ve reserved and prepaid two big theaters for the 3-D version of the movie, one in New York (470 seats) and one in San F
The World's Smallest Solar-Powered Movie Theater
20 Admit it, we're pretty demanding of our movie theaters: IMAX screens, seat shaking sound and glorious AC are the bare minimum. Sol Cinema offers a different experience. It's a glorified trailer that fits 8 people and is completely solar powered. More »
Will Broadcasters and Big Production Houses Go The Way Of Print Media? Why Traditional Media Still Doesn’t Get It Regarding Google, and Why Not Getting It May Marginalize Them
2 video In media, particularly video, distribution costs have been literally flattened by the web, production costs have been dramatically reduced by digital HD technology and do-it-yourself CGI, and marketing made democratic via viral and social networking channels; the barriers to entry that allowed the big media houses to rake in fat margin profits no longer exist. Its just a matter of time before
Prima Cinema plans to offer $500 first-run movie downloads, with a mere $20k setup fee
To achieve balance in all things, a new startup called Prima Cinema apparently figures while the proletariat are rejoicing over Netflix all you can eat $7.99 streaming and Redbox $1 rentals, there's room at the high end and will offer a $20,000 digital delivery system to bring home first-run movies as soon as they come to theaters in theaters for $500 a pop. Beyond simply achieving the goal of ma
Panasonic officially launches exclusive Avatar Blu-ray 3D pack-in, discs hit $400+ on eBay
Panasonic has finally made official several pack-in deals already in effect at retailers both physical and online that add Blu-ray 3D players, glasses and most notably, an exclusive copy of Avatar on Blu-ray 3D (also available to existing owners via a mail-in offer, owners of the Extended Collectors Edition can preview a 3D Easter Egg there too.) Despite being the highest grossing 3D movie of al
How Social Media Is Changing the Way Movies are Promoted
video The Movie and Tech Series is supported by DVDVideoSoft. Discover Free Studio, a full collection of free software to process video, images and audio at Clean, free and user-friendly.From self-funded independent projects to big-name Hollywood blockbusters, the movie industry has embraced social media. Big time.Historically, of course, this makes a lot of sense. Classical Hollywood