IntoNow Hits A Million Shows Tagged In A Month. Two And A Half Men One Of The Shows #Winning
8 Just about a month ago, we wrote about IntoNow, a new service that allows you to tell your friends what television shows and movies you’re watching in realtime. But unlike other media “check-in” services, you do this simply by hitting a button and letting your phone listen to what you’re watching. It’s awesome. Really, really awesome. Others seem to agree, as today IntoNow is announcing that they
The Dream of Mobile Content Delivered at HQME
4 The fears that video will crush cell phone networks as people casually scan YouTube clips on the street or stream Netflix movies from their iPads is forcing mobile operators, entertainment companies and electronics companies to rethink their networks. But the entertainment industry, San Disk and mobile operators are also dreaming up a new standard that provides top-ranked content on the handset ev
NeuroSky shows off MyndPlay, we control movies with our brainwaves
Would you pay $100 to control the outcome of a movie with the power of your mind? That's what NeuroSky and Triete Labs are banking on with MyndPlay. Simply put, it uses NeuroSky's $99 Mindwave headset with a custom video player that monitors your mental activity during critical points in specially designed films, and offers multiple outcomes depending on your focus and relaxation levels. For inst
CBS Acquires TV Guide For Online Video Clicker, Jim Lanzone Named President Of CBS Interactive
2 CBS has acquired Clicker, a TV Guide for internet programming, according to a release just issued by the companies. Clicker’s CEO Jim Lanzone has been named President of CBS Interactive. Terms of the deal were not disclosed; Clicker raised a total of $19 million in funding. According to multiple sources, the deal was in the $50 million to $100 million range. Clicker is a comprehensive search engi
Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace returns to theaters in 3D February 12, 2012
2 It's time to mark your calendar Star Wars fans, whether you plan to be first in line to check out the new 3D-converted editions of each movie, protest their rerelease in a new format or just avoid the theater altogether now that The Phantom Menace has officially been slated to return next year on February 12th. The effects guys at Fox, Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic reckon the immersi
It’s A Good Day To Be An iPad Competitor . . . Oh Wait, It’s Not
14 Editor’s Note: Jim Dalrymple has been writing about Apple for more than 15 years. You can follow him on Twitter @jdalrymple and on his Web site at The Loop. Apple CEO Steve Jobs on Wednesday introduced the iPad 2 at a special event in San Francisco, taking even more momentum away from its competitors. I’ve had a lot of people in the last 24 hours tell me that the iPad 2 isn’t as revolutionary as
The First 3D Star Wars Release Blasts Eyeballs Next February
6 Following up on the unfortunate promise that he'd release all six Star Wars movies in three dimensions, George Lucas has settled on February 10th, 2012 for the premiere of a 3D Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Subsequent titles will be released once per year, in order, which means we've got some time before there's anything you'd actually want to pay $16 bucks to see again. More »
What can we expect from the new Blade Runner movie? We asked the producers.
6 Yesterday we learned that the rights Blade Runner was getting a sequel or a prequel. We spoke with the producers behind this project, and asked them your burning questions. So, will it be Blade Runner 2 or Blade Runner Origins? More »
Ditto: The Social App For What You Should Be Doing
16 Think about Foursquare right now. You can tell everyone what you’re currently doing, but there’s no good mechanism for planning something to do or for getting a recommendation for something to do. Sure, you could use “shouts” that way. But no one does. It’s an aspect of realtime that doesn’t really work. Enter Ditto, a new service in the space. Ditto is an iPhone app in the location space that goe
MacWorld Top Apps
Best App Ever Angry Birds, published by Most Innovative App - iPhone Division Winner :: Word Lens by Quest Visual - iPad Division Winner :: Flipboard by Flipboard Inc. Best Visual Design - iPhone Division Winner :: Camera+ by tap tap tap - iPad Division Winner :: Flipboard by Flipboard Inc. Best Use of iOS Hardware - iPhone Division Winner :: Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner by Big in Jap
What Startups Can Learn From Celebrity Meltdowns
6 Two and a Half Men has been a delicious vice of mine from the first day it came on the air nearly eight years ago. The campy, overgrown, man-child character played by Charlie Sheen was an immensely lovable rascal. Now Sheen’s bad behavior, which looked so cute on the small screen, has unfortunately spilled over into real life, where it’s not so cute and tolerable. Woody Allen, once said, life doe
Wednesday Reads
My afternoon reading material: • Sexual Economics, Erotic Capital (Slate) • Bernanke Doesn’t Rule Out More Bond Buying to Aid Economy (Bloomberg) but see We’re Just Gonna Inflate Our Way Out Of It! (ContraryInvestor) • China’s Highly Unequal Economy (The Diplomat) • Four time bombs that will blow up Wall Street (MarketWatch) • Leonhardt: Union Contracts, Not Pay, Are States’ Problem (NYT) • Accide
How to Get More from Your Home Theater Without Paying a Dime
22 Unless you had your home theater set up by a professional, chances are you aren't getting the best possible video and sound out of your existing setup. These simple tweaks will take just a little bit of time but will make a world of difference. More »
What’s New in iOS 4.3
4 While much of the focus at Apple’s iPad 2 event might have centered around the sexy new hardware, Apple showcased some of the new features in the upcoming iOS 4.3 as well.Developers have had the opportunity to work with beta versions of iOS 4.3 for several months. The new OS release isn’t going to introduce as many features as the iOS 4.0 update or the unifying iOS 4.2 release, but the improvem
Apple’s iPad 2 Makes Dual-Core Mainstream
6 Apple’s iPad 2 contains the Apple-designed A5 application processor, which is running two cores. Onstage, Apple’s Steve Jobs indicated it was the first dual-core chip shipping at volume, but the folks at Nvidia might disagree, given its dual-core Tegra 2 is out in a few handsets already as well as the Xoom tablet, which until the iPad launches on March 11, sets the standard for volume. Meanwhile,
No “One More Thing” At Today’s iPad 2 Event
2 Despite being on medical leave since January, Steve Jobs took the stage at today’s Apple event to a standing ovation. After revealing that over 100 million iPhones and over 15 million iPads have been sold total and introducing the 1/3 thinner, 13.3% percent lighter rainbow-covered iPad 2, Steve Jobs made his requisite concluding remarks and exited the stage without giving one of his legendary “on
Apple's Digital AV Adapter also works with iPhone 4, fourth-gen iPod touch, and first-gen iPad
2 In case you're wondering whether Apple's forthcoming Digital AV Adapter is worth your $39, you might be pleased to know that said HDMI dongle is also compatible with the latest crop of iOS devices before the iPad 2. This includes the iPhone 4, fourth-generation iPod touch, and even the first-generation iPad. Alas, both movies and slideshows will be capped at 720p output from these older devices,
iMovie for iPad: Precision Editing and Multitrack Audio
2 Apple is bringing iMovie to the iPad, which takes full advantage of the iPad 2's new A5 dual-core processor, promising precision video editing, multitrack audio recording, Airplay compatibility and the ability to export movies in HD. Oh, and it's also coming as an update for iPhone and iPod touch devices. It will cost $5 when it comes out on March
PepsiCo CEO, Filmmaker & Ford Executive at TED
2 PepsiCo has launched some innovative social media initiatives under CEO Indra Nooyi’s watch, including Pepsi Refresh, an ambitious program that sought to fund various philanthropic initiatives.Nooyi will speak today during a TED session that will also include filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, who is promoting two movies this year — The Greatest Movie Ever Sold about branding and marketing, and a docum
Dreamworks is Making a Movie about Julian Assange and Wikileaks
12 Steven Spielberg is taking the lead on a Wikileaks movie after acquiring the rights to the book WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy. Apparently, the movie will fall somewhere between All The Presidents Men and The Social Network. [Guardian] More »
The Race to Build a PageRank for the Social Web Continues
28 As the race to build the social version of Google’s PageRank heats up, PeerIndex has added a new source of data for its rankings: the company said today that users can now connect their Quora profiles to the service, which will use their activity at the popular question-and-answer site — including any votes that their answers get from other Quora users — as another tool to measure their authority
RedRover App Builds Geo-Social Network for Parents
2 Kathryn Tucker recalls the time she missed her daughter’s friend’s birthday party because she lost track of the information. It’s a thought the mother of two returned to when she developed RedRover, a social location-based network for parents, that helps them connect, plan play dates and discover new kid-friendly locations. The service, which launched this week as an iOS app, speaks to the power o
10 Ways to Turn Your Local Business Into a Global Success
6 Jani Penttinen is a founder and CEO of PremiumFanPage, a service that helps brands connect with their fans in any language, and Xiha, a multilingual social network with users in more than 200 countries speaking 140 languages. He blogs at’s Internet represents a momentous age in the history of global commerce. Never before have so many people met in one, international mar
The Best Deal of the Day
12 Things no one says anymore: I miss the floppy disk. But damn do I miss the floppy disk! I'm not even sure why, really. Maybe because they were so retrotastic, I just felt more important when I popped one in my computer. I was taking care of business, baby! But it's probably because I just had so many of them. Seriously, I had this huge case that o
Keen On… Peter Guber: “The Idea That Music is Dead is Ludicrous”
2 Yesterday, movie, music and sports mogul Peter Guber told me why there’s no business without story business. In the instant best-selling Tell To Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story, his new book released today, Guber urges everyone to unleash the power of story. Today, Guber’s attention shifts from the power of storytelling to the future of the entertainment industr
Panasonic puts pricetags on 2011 Blu-ray players, HTIB & soundbars
Of course, it's not all about new TVs, as Panasonic also took the opportunity today to bust out MSRPs for a slew of other home theater products. As it mentioned at CES, the connected features of its 2011 Blu-ray players are taking center stage, with Skype access through Viera Cast, while they also claim to feature the industry's fastest playback, measuring at half the booting and loading time of
127 Hours
8 Despite all expectations to the contrary, it seems we have a thing for extended isolation in movies — anyone remember Cast Away? It took a great performance from Tom Hanks...Visit Uncrate for the full post.